Incomplete Thoughts

by Planck Distance

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First EP of Planck Distance


released November 29, 2015

All songs written by Donato Camino, except "To Master Life"; song written by Ivan Jimenez. Co written by Daniel Triana
All lyrics written by Donato Camino.
Produced by Ivan Jiménez. Co-produced by Donato Camino.
Performed by Donato Camino (Bass and Keys), Daniel Triana (Drums), Ivan Jiménez (Guitars) and Roxana Restrepo (Vocals).
Recorded at I.R. Studios, Bogotá (Colombia); engineered by Ivan Jiménez
Drums recorded at Art&co Holding, Bogota, engineered by Pablo Rodríguez, Andrés Lote and Ivan Jiménez
Guitars recorded at Castillete Music, engineered by Javier Arrieta and Ivan Jiménez
Some vocals engineered by Samuel Aguirre at I.R. Studios
Edited by Ivan Jimenez at I.R. Studios.
Mixed at Hitmakers Mastering, Barcelona (Spain) by Kiko Caballero, assisted by Ivan Jiménez
Mastered by Marco Rostagno at Hitmakers Mastering.
Cover by Carlos Balarezo
Design and photography by Diego Jiménez
Special thanks to: -All our friends that made their contribution for making this music possible; including Paola Camelo for singing at the pre-production sessions, Roxana Restrepo for singing for us and cross all Bogota in her motorcycle to attend the tracking sessions and Leandro Briceño for making the first version of "that riff", and all the staff already mentioned for their invaluable income; Samuel, Kiko, Marco, Pablo, Andrés and Javier.
Also thanks to all the friends for supporting us in many different ways: Alejo Vivero, Lina Lopez, Estefania Guzman, Lu Estevez, Sebastian Ramirez, Javier Bastardo, Soley Galantón and many more!
Last but not least we would like to thank our parents for the unconditional support: Pilar Jiménez, Daniel Jimenez, Aracelis Arcia and Alba Nidia Triana, without all of you this wouldn`t be possible.



all rights reserved


Planck Distance Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Past Desires
To the past that begins to shine
In a way I'm just past desires
I can see what you're up to
This secret is no longer your own
Hide away, behind your shame
I will find a much better place
Change the lock of my heart
Save all past feelings, Cry lungs out
Become the filthy breath that you throw at me
Just don't talk to me

Away, Confuse
Strength fades away
Can't think straight, Meaningless

There's no promises in your eyes
Life been falling out of luck
Mine? Well, I have nothing else to lose
I don't know what's going on
What you want or what I'm for
Freak out, Spit your thoughts out!
Some minds betray you, Some times you break through
Wasted life on you
I'm stuck in between this war that never leaves

To this time that's still in shine
I'm aware of your past desires
There's a river that flows out my mind
Bad thoughts never stays, Now that everything`s changed
Eyes up ahead, New dreams have come up this way
Freak out, Spit your thoughts out!
Some minds betray you. Some times you break through

Away, Confuse
Will not fade away
Can't think straight
Track Name: To Master Life
It's so simple to master life
Instead is death the one who's happy
As the wind grows to form a storm
Of fallen dreams, Insults forms clouds
Open your eyes, Open up wide

Time is breaking, Seasons changing
Locked inside this cage I made

Time is breaking, Seasons changing
Locked inside this cage I made

Time is breaking, Seasons changing
Locked inside this cage
I made
Track Name: Faces in the Sky
Time passes by, all the memories, locked me up, hurts like love
All is breaking, seasons changing
Stepping out those dreams, confuse?
Distilled guilt, falling still
Eavesdropping silence knows all my fears
We can't hide it, We can't fight it
Protecting me within your
That change the world
Stars in the sky
Falling for you

Don't tell me what to do, Don't tell me who's to be
I will ride there myself if you don't want me to leave
Cry for who you are, fight for your dreams
Like I fight for a world too far to reach
Cry, fight, Love, Hate, Find, kill
Be yourself
Love the path that no one passes by
In the end
The only one left

take the time
Wait and see
The world will love you
That's meant to be
Hold your breath
And keep on painting faces in the sky